Tax Attorney Omaha, Nebraska

Don’t Deal With Your Tax Problem Alone

Why rely on an unknown “800” telephone salesperson to represent you against one of the most aggressive debt collectors out there, namely the IRS?

When dealing with serious tax debt of $10,000.00 or more, it makes sense to work with a local, professional tax attorney, not some “800” office in Florida or California.

Burke Smith is an experienced Nebraska attorney serving clients with tax issues in Nebraska, including Omaha, Lincoln and greater Nebraska. For immediate help, call now to schedule a tax debt consultation with an attorney, that is 100% confidential.

Legal Representation Matters When Dealing With the IRS

  • STOP IRS Bank Levies & Property Seizures.
  •  If possible, SETTLE Your Tax Debt For Less Than What You Owe
  • ARRANGE An Affordable Payment Plan.
  • FILE Your Back Tax Returns.
  • NEVER Meet Or Talk To The IRS Again.

Hiring an experienced, competent tax attorney to represent you before the IRS is in your best interest. The law office of Burke Smith can take the stress of resolving your tax problem off your shoulders. You get peace of mind while a legal professional gives your tax problem the attention it needs. And you can rest easy knowing that we are working hard to achieve the best results for you.

IRS Tax Attorney Omaha, Nebraska
Omaha IRS Tax Attorney

We Have a Personalized Approach to Tax Resolution

To maximize your chances of resolving your IRS tax problem in your favor, having an experienced tax professional representing you is in your best interests. Omaha attorney Burke Smith has been representing individuals in Omaha, Lincoln and greater Nebraska for over nine years.

We are available to meet with you face-to-face in our Omaha office or consult with you over the phone. Regular communication regarding the progression of your case is a given as we update you regularly on the resolution of your tax issue.


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