IRS Lien | IRS Tax Levy

IRS Lien, IRS Tax Levy, Omaha Nebraska

Protect Your Assets From an IRS Tax Lien or Levy

When you have unpaid income taxes, the government can issue an IRS lien or IRS tax levy. While levies and liens are different, they can negatively impact your property rights and credit. At the Midwest Tax Relief, we understand how stressful it is to get an IRS tax lien or levy notice. Thankfully, you have legal options that can resolve your tax debt and eliminate the IRS’ interest in your property. Learn how to prevent and fight a tax levy or lien below.

Offers in Compromise

offers in compromise, Omaha Nebraska

An Offer in Compromise Can Help You Resolve Your Tax Debt

Offers in compromise are a powerful tool in the hands of an experienced tax relief attorney. If you have unpaid taxes, an offer in compromise can resolve your tax debt for less than you owe and offer many other benefits. For example, the IRS cannot garnish your wages or levy your property while you’re negotiating offers in compromise. However, they aren’t in everyone’s best interest. Midwest Tax Relief can help you determine whether this solution is right for you. Contact us today.

IRS Installment Agreements

IRS installment agreements, Omaha Nebraska

Resolving Your Debt With a Monthly Payment Plan

If you’re struggling with tax debt, IRS installment agreements can be an effective way to resolve your debt. People opt for installment agreements for many reasons. Some people simply prefer a monthly payment plan, while others would not qualify for an offer in compromise or other forms of tax relief. Keep reading to learn more about installment agreements and how a tax attorney at the Midwest Tax Relief might help.